What about...?
We understand there are a lot of questions surrounding your rebuild.

While we could never hope to catch each of the independent nuances and special needs of your home, here a are a few of the common occurrences and questions we have encountered.
Estimating / Scope Building
How fast are estimates written?
Typical response time is 24-48 hours within being on site.

Complexity of projects determines ability to return appropriate documentation in the suggested timeline. The more trades involved, the higher the likelihood there may be additional site stops to determine price points supported by insurance funds.

Scopes are built with the homeowner in mind. During our reconstruction walkthroughs, we build the scope we expect to be approved by insurance, but we always look to provide suggested services particular homeowners want.

Our main goal above all else is to establish an accurate scope that provides an efficient and comfortable return home.
Project Management
What are project manager's responsibilities?
  • Negotiation with carriers
  • Budget management
  • Schedule development
  • Quality assurance
  • Personel management
  • Project completion and warranty closing support
Warranty resolution and "after project management" should you need anything in the future regarding your claim, materials, or sub-contractors. Each project is completed and delivered with a branded folder of information regarding specific materials, product names, and what sub-contracted teams were used for your specific property. Providing an individual experience for each consumer and carrier each time.
What are project managers not able to help with?
Resolving disputes between Carrier and Homeowner. We are NOT Public Adjusters. We prefer to interact directly with carriers to reach agreements suitable for all parties.

Financing completion of Insurance and change order related construction actions.

Water or Fire mitigation. For all emergencies please contact the fire department or respective water emergency services.
Organization & Expertise
How do you provide information for my insurance?
Your insurance requires INFORMATION to disburse appropriate funds related to your claim. Upon signing with our skilled Project Management team, we are empowered to advocate for you with bids, common negotiation, and supplementary information as requested by the carrier.

While you are living your life, we are busy putting together the combination of vendors that perfectly fits your/your carrier’s needs for the loss.
Billing & Closing
How are projects paid for?
Typically, once a bid is approved by insurance, the carrier will either send the money to the homeowner directly, send the money to a third party who would pay the funds out to the contractor with, or to the contractor directly, although this is the most uncommon method of disbursement. The insurance carrier will never cover the homeowner’s deductible. For example, if insurance approves an estimate for $5,000 and the homeowner’s deductible is $500, then insurance will pay out $4,500 and the homeowner will be required to pay the contractor the remaining $500.

If a project is being run independently of an insurance claim, then the homeowner is obligated to pay in full the project’s bid.

Change orders, which are additions to the project that go beyond the scope of the insurance-covered bid, are paid out of the homeowner’s pocket as their scope is not covered by the insurance claim.
What are a contract’s payment terms, and when is a project complete?
Project payment terms are as follows:
  1. Homeowner deductible due upon contract signing;
  2. 50% downpayment of the project balance, less the deductible, due within ten business days of contract signing or within five business days of the job start date, whichever is sooner;
  3. 25% milestone payment due upon completion of a project milestone event that is agreed upon and written within the project contract;
  4. The remaining 25% upon substantial completion of the project – meaning that the project site that was being worked on is now available to be used for its intended purpose without any impediment to the owner’s enjoyment of the project site;
A project is fully completed after substantial completion has been met, the closing payment has been made, punch list/touch up items agreed upon by the homeowner and contractor have been completed, and there is a signed Certificate of Satisfaction between the homeowner and contractor.

Disclaimer: These are general occurrences of typical project timelines, costs, and associated actions. All project estimates, schedules, and closing files are built specifically for each home and carrier. While similarities exist between projects, environmental factors, material timelines, and labor availability are independently tailored towards the consumers needs.
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