Our team is dedicated, educated and passionate about helping you. Every subcontractor is sourced accordingly to the needs of your home, family, and specific situation.
Our Founders

Jared W. Moreda


Jared graduated from Arizona State with a business degree and a minor in Stress Management. After completing school, the effects of Covid-19 brought Jared back from sunny AZ to central Oregon. After taking a job working for a high-end fabricator, Jared quickly moved up in the company, taking titles and management responsibilities in the restoration niche. Several million dollars in home restorations later, Jared recognized a better way to approach the restoration process and set out to bring that process to the people of Oregon, partnering with his friend and colleague Sheridan Maxey.

Sheridan T. Maxey


Sheridan graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Soon after, he graduated from the University of Richmond School of Law with a focus on individual, business, and estate taxation. During law school Sheridan researched and studied property law, real estate transfers and finances, labor and employment law, business structures, negotiations and conflict resolution, accounting, and tax planning and implementation. After finding that planning, critical thinking, and analytic problem solving from past experiences translates well into the field of restoration, he joined Jared on the journey towards customer satisfaction and expectations in the restoration project management field.
Our Team

La’Akea O Nakoa Bissen

Project Manager, CPM

La'akea's story is one of resilience and determination. Moving from Hawaii to Oregon after a tragic fire in Lahaina, he decided to explore a new career path in project management and general contracting. With his previous experience managing Roselani Ice Cream, La'akea realized that his problem-solving and coordination skills could be applied on a larger scale.

In his new home of Oregon, La'akea is pursuing his passion for project management and learning as much as he can. He plans to represent his new employer, OPM, with the highest regard and use his skills to help expand the business.

La'akea's ultimate goal is to return to his beloved home of Maui, Hawaii and help rebuild the island after the devastating fire. With his determination and skillset, La'akea is sure to make a positive impact wherever he goes.

Kendra Yoakum

Contract Designer

Kendra is a freelance graphic designer and artist based in Arizona. Armed with a degree in digital design and backed by six years of design experience, she brings a wealth of expertise to the Octopus Project Management team as a contracted designer. In this capacity, she plays a pivotal role in supporting OPM’s visual identity and ensuring their marketing efforts and customer-facing assets are at the forefront of industry standards. Kendra’s commitment to great design adds a touch of artistic brilliance to every OPM project.

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