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Our Founders

Jared W. Moreda


Jared graduated from Arizona State with a business degree and a minor in Stress Management. After completing school, the effects of Covid-19 brought Jared back from sunny AZ to central Oregon. After taking a job working for a high-end fabricator, Jared quickly moved up in the company, taking titles and management responsibilities in the restoration niche. Several million dollars in home restorations later, Jared recognized a better way to approach the restoration process and set out to bring that process to the people of Oregon, partnering with his friend and colleague Sheridan Maxey.

Sheridan T. Maxey


Sheridan graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Soon after, he graduated from the University of Richmond School of Law with a focus on individual, business, and estate taxation. During law school Sheridan researched and studied property law, real estate transfers and finances, labor and employment law, business structures, negotiations and conflict resolution, accounting, and tax planning and implementation. After finding that planning, critical thinking, and analytic problem solving from past experiences translates well into the field of restoration, he joined Jared on the journey towards customer satisfaction and expectations in the restoration project management field.
Our Team
Emma Hilton
Project Coordinator
Emma brings a diverse educational background and a decade of customer service experience to her role in the construction industry. She has a foundation in public health from Oregon State and completed her AAS & BAS in Health Science from Linn Benton and Arizona State. Transitioning from customer service to the construction sector, Emma embarked on a journey to broaden her skill set and pursue her passion for administrative work. In her exploration of the construction field, Emma found a deep interest in the intricacies of insurance work, particularly in the realm of restoration. Emma's unique blend of academic knowledge, customer service acumen, and administrative experience makes her a valuable asset to any team she joins.
Casey Kusz
Director Of Construction Activities - GC
Reliable and detail-oriented trades professional with over seven years of extensive experience in the restoration and remodeling of single-family homes, multi-family residences, and commercial constructions. Equipped with a comprehensive skill set, adept at all facets of repairs, and proficient in analyzing and procuring materials essential for construction projects. Casey's commitment to excellence is evident in his dedication to providing customers with the highest level of industry experience, ensuring satisfaction with every project undertaken. His unwavering pursuit of knowledge is exemplified through independent licensure, demonstrating a continuous quest for self-improvement and staying updated with evolving industry standards and practices. With a strong foundation in construction and a passion for delivering superior results, Casey stands as a valuable asset, ready to contribute his expertise to any project he undertakes.
Henri Henderson
Project & Account Manager
Henri brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team, with a distinguished career spanning over a decade in the restoration industry. With a keen focus on delivering exceptional service, Henri has honed his skills to become a valuable asset in the restoration business. Henri's journey began in abatement, where he gained hands-on experience in general demolition and asbestos removal. Over the years, he cultivated a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in preparing sites for restoration, demonstrating his commitment to ensuring safe and efficient cleanup processes. Driven by a desire to help homeowners achieve their vision of a fully restored home, Henri transitioned his focus to the repairs side of the industry. His dedication to excellence and meticulous attention to detail make him an invaluable resource in guiding homeowners through the restoration process, from start to finish. With a proven track record of success and a passion for delivering results, Henri is poised to make a significant impact on our team and continue his legacy of excellence in the restoration industry.
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