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Project Management
Average Timeline: Within 24 Hrs of Visiting Job Site
The quickest of the services that we offer. We can visit a worksite and provide an estimate for it within 24 hours of our visit. The estimate contents will be divided into rooms that will be worked in and the specific components within each room. Our estimates are written in a manner so that the individual reading it can understand the order of operations that need to occur to bring the home to its desired state. The project management process runs directly with the estimation process. Each project is tailored to fit the estimate and the homeowner’s expectations from start to finish.
Water Extraction
Average Timeline: 45 - 60 Days
Being in Oregon, we are no strangers to water. Water damage can strike at any time between icy pipe bursts, constant downpour, and appliance failures. To be clear, we are not mitigators. Prior to work beginning, we draw a distinct line between us and the preceding mitigation vendors to ensure a quality restoration build-back experience. We ensure that, after mitigation is complete, the right people fix the damage that has occurred to your home.
Fire Damage
Fires are upon the most devastating things that can happen to a family and their home. Some may be smaller, appliance fires, others may be larger and more involved. No matter the size of the fire, the experience is almost always emotional. No matter the duration of repairs, we will be there for you every step of the way. Restoring a fire is often more cumbersome than repairing water damage, but that won’t ever stop us from taking on the task.
Contents Manipulation & Storage
Pack Out/Pack Back  Contents Cleaning Furniture Refinishing Specialty Items (Pool tables, pinball machines, pianos, grandfather clocks, safes, etc.) Onsite Contents Manipulation  Onsite Contents Clean Non-Salvage Inventory  Muck out Fire Mitigation Cleans Post Construction Cleans
Mold & Microbial
Average Timeline: Immediate
We provide essential expertise in mitigating and resolving the aftermath of mold and microbial issues. These services typically involve thorough inspection and assessment to identify the extent of contamination, followed by targeted remediation efforts using advanced techniques and equipment to safely remove mold and microbial growth. Additionally, we employ preventive measures to inhibit future occurrences and restore affected areas to their pre-damaged condition. Through their specialized knowledge and swift intervention, these restoration services play a crucial role in safeguarding properties and ensuring the health and well-being of occupants.
Sewage Clean Up
Average Timeline: Immediate
These specialized services encompass thorough assessment, containment, and removal of sewage contaminants from affected areas, employing industry-standard protocols and protective gear to ensure safety and hygiene. Utilizing advanced equipment and disinfection methods, restoration professionals meticulously sanitize and deodorize the affected spaces, restoring them to a habitable and sanitary condition. Prompt intervention by these restoration experts not only prevents further damage to the property but also mitigates health risks associated with exposure to sewage-borne pathogens, ensuring a swift and effective resolution to the crisis.
Average Timeline: Immediate
During the restoration construction process, cleaning and storage are crucial aspects to ensure the preservation of items and maintain a safe environment. Our team meticulously cleans affected areas, removing debris, contaminants, and residues to facilitate the restoration process efficiently. Simultaneously, they carefully handle and organize salvageable belongings, utilizing secure storage facilities to protect them from further damage during construction work.
General Contracting
Average Timeline: Individual to your needs
The timeline is entirely dependent on what you want to do, and the possibilities extend as far as your creativity allow. Looking to make a renovation to your home? We can help. Whether you want to change out your floors or paint your walls a different color, we can get you to where you want to be. We can help connect you with whatever trade you need to help make your home even more perfect than it already is.
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